45 years ago…

When the Cedar Falls Brown Bottle opened, we never could have imagined how many thousands of families we would serve, and how many wonderful staff members would become a part of the Brown Bottle family. As we look back, we’d like to ask you to share your favorite moments, stories and thoughts about the Cedar Falls Brown Bottle.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your traditions!

Please share your favorite memory or story here. We will add them to the page upon approval.

“After loading up my arms with salads to take to a table, I did an epic trip and showered myself in lettuce and Italian dressing! Thank goodness Jim and Jodi kept extra work shirts in the office. If you’re going to smell like something for the night, Italian dressing isn’t a bad way to go! The skills I learned waiting tables have been life long skills I still use today! Huge thank you to Jim and Jodi for allowing me to be part of their family – I’m truly blessed to call them friends!” ~ Sarah

“Such a great place! I have been there so many times for birthday parties, anniversaries and parties, rehearsal dinners, prom, dates, etc.! I worked there most of my years in high school 15+ years ago, and learned my work ethic, and appreciation of how hard restaurant workers work. Washing dishes is no easy task! Had a lot of fun times there, and made several friends. Brad as the manager and Jim as the owner were and are great! I look back on it with fond memories, and still think about it and talk about it every time I go there. Still love to see Brad smiling and greeting you as you walk in the door! I enjoy my fettuccine, breadsticks, and brownie pie as much now as I always have! Cheers to another 45 years in the future!” ~ Kale

“My then-boyfriend Lance took me to the Brown Bottle for our 1st date in October 1977.  We had Lasagna and it was romantic. We were both going to UNI so I thought he was rich to take me to such a fancy place (he was not!). Two years later, we had our rehearsal dinner in August 1979 and everyone had such a great time.  Now 40 years later we celebrated our 40th anniversary dining @ the BB.  Think I’ll have lasagna! Thanks for the memories!” – Shelly

“Prom dinner, 1979
Baby shower, 1990
Retirement party for friend 2016
Many, many date nights over the years. Always a great meal and a lovely evening! Thanks for the memories! ❤️” ~

“We have so many family memories there! And, our oldest daughter, Kate, worked there as a food server when she went to college! EVERY time our family has something wonderful to celebrate… it is celebrated at the Cedar Falls Brown Bottle…. for thirty years!” ~ Mike and Kim

“Got engaged here in February 1998!” ~ Cindy

“Our wedding rehearsal dinner; several birthdays. Even my 50 surprise birthday. Great food, great service.” ~ Kay

“My first date (with my now husband) was at the Brown Bottle in Nov of 1975. I still remember the table we were seated at. We were married 6 months later. May 1976. We have had a lot of great times at the Brown Bottle.” ~ Nancy